Late week musings and a winner!

Hi there, hard to believe its Thursday already.....the days are flying. How was your week? Mine has been a little hectic, not the most relaxing and yet strangely productive. Kind of glad its nearly over. Have a big party this weekend so the wardrobe quandaries are kicking in....I am STILL waiting for the relaxing chill laid back summer vibe to kick in. Oops its almost over, maybe its not happening! This is where I wish I was and this is what I wish I was doing...

But since that is far far from my reality....I will have to settle with keeping this picture close (real close) and just imagining!

OK first a winner for the lovely mousepad donated by Alexa Pulitzer, stationer extraordinaire, congratulations goes to.......



I'm a Leo so I love the Lion cards!

Please contact me here to provide your shipping details! And thank you Alexa, love your line!

Moving is what is new in my little corner of the world. Let's get started, shall we......

My bedroom. Yes, I know I have talked about it off and on for a year. My stubborn streak has forbade me to do a thing to my room until I get my wall to wall carpet. It was an argument my husband and I had but alas he agrees that wall to wall feels might cozy and cocoon like especially in the dead of winter which for us can be a good 4-5 months.

So...I am on the prowl for a great carpet that is not stratospheric. Its a very large room so its an investment either way but some of the prices were just beyond. In the meantime, I am gathering all my information and just bought a beautiful trim to have some ivory velvet pillows made, it is slowly (OK very slowly) coming together........I know when its done I will love it:) LOVE this pale gray/blue leopard for chairs and/or a pillow.

 The pale blue velvet would be pretty on the bench at the end of my bed.

A few great new skin care items. I am always excited to share with you something I am using and enjoying. Two new products (for me) that I have to say I am really really liking one for my skin and another for my eyes (both  moisturizer and for puffiness)......

This eye cream from Origins is meant to reduce puffiness and has some kind of highlighter in the cream, it is not my imagination or my will for it work...its working! It is now part of my every day routine.  to find out more.

This, Filorga hydra filler is referred to as "fountain of youth in a jar", you know this had me hooked with those five words!!  I had read about from Tishs blog, A femmeduacertainage, ( to read her full review) so I immediately bought it on Amazon where it was shipped from France. I got it in a week, so it was fast. So far so good, indeed my skin feels like it is plumper and is that a glow I see?, 

A great bag. Rather obsessed with these bags. I want one in every color. Stay tuned yours truly may start carrying them in my online shop for my soon to grow personal accessories section. I have to love what I sell and these will fit right in!

Something yummy. You know I always have to throw in something good. How amazing does these potato stacks look? Plus they are so pretty. Best part, they don't even sound difficult. Talk about a way to wow your guests at your next little dinner party!! to find out how to make them.....

Scout Guide. I had heard of it, knew nothing about it but boy, the minute I saw one while in Charlottesville...I was hooked! Brilliant!! It is soooo beautifully done, an aesthetic that totally appeals to every one of my senses and I cannot say how much I have enjoyed flipping through it. The ads and taste level are just sublime. A wonderful brilliant idea. Be sure to visit the website, a plethora of amazing ideas, resources and information. to find out all about them.

Great movies. The movie selection out right now is dismal. Come on Hollywood...I haven't felt compelled in months to go to the theater, and I love movies! Two old favorites that I did watch recently were worth sharing just in the unlikely case that you haven't seen them. One a classic and because it was filmed and based in Savannah, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil  had a special allure and the second, if you love fashion and all the power/glamour behind it...The Septmenber Issue (documentary style) is a must watch!

Pillows!!  As I am trying to wrap up the pillows for my back patio, I got in a first big batch of monogrammed beauties from one of my favorite pillow makers, Calicodaisy. I am going to be playing around and adding a few geometric but decided to keep this area simple and crisp.

Also, waiting on some garden stools along with the geometric pillows, the only thing likely not happening this summer is the planters. I found some that I love from Haddonstone but they take 6 weeks to make so at this point I think I will just revisit the planter idea in the spring for next summer. I lived this long without them, no biggie.

I will be doing a post on the back patio in the next week or two once everything has come together, but here are a few "in the process" pictures....

 Teddy wanted his close up too........

Newport. Does this picture not make you want to go? Like now? A very good friend of mine and I are planning a short mini mansion tour getaway to gorgeous Newport in Sept. I cannot wait....

The most outrageous cakes. By now you know I am a little obsessed with certain things, beautiful interiors, monograms, blue and white anything, flowers, and amazing cakes. This woman's work is to be believed. Seriously drool worthy. Bring on the milk, never mind these cupcakes are too pretty to eat! This is her photo journal and you must scroll through the whole thing....its worth seeing!
  to visit.

Shop News. A bunch of my classic blue and whites that have been sold out finally came back in stock. All these below are now back in stock and ready for new homes.......


And adding these two beautiful new tole lamps to my line....

Also my Enchanted steals and deals of the week are below. I was able to get a batch of these beautiful blue and white beauties at a significantly discounted price. Once they sell they will go back to regular price. Wonderful pieces to add or create a perfect blue and white vignette with! Contact me if you are interested in purchasing...only 4-6 of each item available!

1. 6 of these beautiful flower pots ($50 each) 7.5" tall

2.  Wonderful planter, so practical! ($55.00 each) 6" x 10" 7 available

3. A pair of beautiful blue and white candlesticks ($48.00) So decorative! 8 pair available

4. Decorative candy box with lid ($42.00) 7"

5. And last but not least these darling mini Staffordshire dogs ( I have 5 pair in blue and 6 in black) $52.00. 4" X  3" X 5"

Contact me here if interested in purchasing any of these items. Please refer to the number in front of description. These are subject to availability.

Well that about wraps things up over here. Anything here excite you or catch your eye? Hope you have a fabulous day and end to your week. Hard to believe some schools have already started and we are down to the last three weeks of summer. Where oh where did it go? Enjoy and savor these last weeks of summer..........

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