Off on my roadtrip.....on my way!

UPDATE- I have taken a trip afterall.....will be back later in the week. Wishing you a wonderful Sunday and fabulous start to your week!

*** This post was slated to post yesterday, a day where I was due to set off on my Southern road trip but the plan was diverted :( My sister had a pressing issue that has delayed our trip hopefully just temporarily! But I am posting this anyway as there is a ton of fun links here worth sharing!***

Hi there, my camera is packed, my sunhat is ready to do some overtime, my suitcase is filled with clothes to keep me cool, and yes even my little portable water bottle fan (as kitschy as it might be) is there for safe do what you gotta do to stay cool:) By the time you are reading this, I will be gone gone gone. I must admit I am quite excited about my little "southern road trip" and thanks to all of you...I have more than enough names and ideas on my list than I can possibly do but that's part of the fun! I cannot thank you enough for your countless suggestions....a true wealth of knowledge and information.

We decided that we wanted to be somewhat impulsive on this trip, my life feels so planned out/over scheduled that there is something very appealing about just "winging it" though we did make some hotel and restaurant reservations (all of course subject to change).

We did conclude that our initial list of our to do's was overly ambitious:) We got excited and swept up in the planning but the logistics of seeing 6 big cities with so much to do in 8 short days was totally unrealistic. So.....we decided instead to consider this trip "part 1" and another soon to come (hopefully) will be part 2! Of course this is subject to change so who knows what might happen , and where we might end up :) Definite on our list are Charleston, Savannah, Biltmore and very likely Kiawah Island.

So I leave you with this post of a bunch of random links to various things that caught my eye for one reason or another (including a few of my own, just in case you missed them). I do hope you have a wonderful week, I will miss you and will absolutely try to "check in" in between the eating, shopping and living it up southern style :)

I absolutely love this tumblr account...his images sweep me away to a beautiful, genteel place and time.

Want to know secrets of the worlds healthiest women? Read on here.......

This collection of gowns by Elie Saab is possibly one of the most beautiful  I have ever seen.....soooo beautiful!

Love this idea for a beautiful really cool summer dessert, it will have your guests oohing and aahing!

LOVE this slideshow of the uber glamorous Met Gala over the years!

Have you heard of the Cronut craze......cridiculous!

If you have not seen the hysterical "Mothers prayer" you must read it...too funny but so true!

Love this sweet Nantucket wedding video.....

Like French decor? Then you will enjoy this post of mine just in case you missed it

Loved seeing Carolyne Roehm's  step by step pictures in planning this elegant Sunday dinner party

This is an excellent blog and tutorial about the do's and don't of makeup...great read!

Ever curious about the ten happiest seaside towns in the U..S? to find out......

Looking for a neat and super delicious gift? ...this stuff is GOOD!

6 things you didn't know about kale! 

Loved this foreign film about this iconic fashion changing woman

Want to see a "heatmap" of where all the celebs homes out in the Hamptons are? Check it out....

We love Bermuda and I am dying to escape to this wonderful new spot.....

On my list of fall "to do's" is to attend a class in NY at this cooking school.....

LOVE looking at this companies gorgeous clothes, shoes, ski outfits and accessories....

Love the story of how this designer came to buy a chateau in France and how he restored it....

These would make the most beautiful addition to any fall themed dinner or my Thanksgiving table...

Like cheese? Like bread? Like marinara sauce? This looks ridiculously good, going to make it!

Still one of my all time favorite design books.....

Love the way this baby nursery came out, just dreamy!

This is a post from last year, but this is a great reminder of what makes summer  so amazing!

If you like fashion, chances are you have seen this, one of my all time favorites (bought the DVD)

Love this party planners work (look on bottom for wedding/event names and click) Gorgeous!

Loved this slideshow of seeing the many party themes for the uber swanky Met Gala!

If you enjoy seeing pretty table settings and seeing Peter Callahans work , you will enjoy this post of mine.

So enjoyed this article about Blackberry Farm and cannot wait to go....dreamy :)

Ever wondered which is your style when it comes to decorating? Take a look......

This is a fascinating documentary on Valentino's lavish life style...

How gorgeous is this gallery of photos of this super posh resort in Los Cabos?

Are you a foodie or an aspiring one? How about someone who likes to eat like one? This is a great site!

Hope you enjoy a few or all of them....wishing you a wonderful day! Thanks for stopping in.

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