2 winners and a final Christmas giveaway...........

Before I begin-  The beautiful and stylish Debby that we all know and love from Inspired Design was so kind to feature my home decorated for the holidays today! Be sure to stop over by clicking here and take a peek...she did such a beautiful job. Thank you Debby!

Hi there, such busy days this week. I am sure its the same for you. Exciting, adrenaline rushing, maddening and chaotic all rolled into one. I think the bulk of my "elf duties" is done but now I am concentrating on the final details for our annual Christmas family party this weekend. So that is what I will be busy doing these next few days......it all gets done so I am not sweating it (or at least trying not to). Also have out of town guests coming in, so it's going to get really busy around here. First things first! I want to announce the two lucky winners from last weeks contest. Congratulations goes to.....

For the Judith August book and product, the winner is......

Result: 42

Happy Birthday, Tina! Your house is looking festive and ready for the holidays. As always, no one does a better job than you. Thank you for the great giveaway. For make-up, I'd choose everything to cover under eye dark circles. For sweets, it is the holiday gift set -- you get to taste everything.

And for the sweets from Sucre, the winner is.........(from Facebook)

Result: 1

I'm visiting from Ana laila and love any of the nuts and the macaroons.
Like · · December 15 at 9:16am

Please contact me here to provide your shipping details.

I promised a giveaway a week in November and I have to say there have been some really amazing giveaways which I have had a lot of fun giving away! Today's is a whopper..one could argue the best for last or at least one of the bests for last!

 I think just about everyone knows Safavieh Home. A mecca for the best brands at the best prices. Period. There is no getting around it....they have everything, including all the very best brands and their prices cannot be beat. So they have generously offered this amazingly beautiful bench, I LOVE this piece and doubt anyone would be hard pressed to find a place for this beauty.

 I adore the pickled wood and the neutral cotton like velvet fabric, a great neutral, and such an elegant piece!

I thought it would be fun to look at some of my favorite things from Safavieh and there are indeed a ton of things to admire,  then details follow on how to enter!

Kind of gets you in the mood to decorate, doesn't it? OK to enter, all you need to do is visit Safavieh Home by clicking here, check out all the goodies, come back here and tell me a favorite item. That is it..you are in the running!

If you want a second chance, leave them a comment on Facebook by clicking here telling them you are from Ana laila and what your favorite item is. I will announce a lucky winner on Monday morning! Thanks as always for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day.

Three more tidbits to remember-

1. The gift buying, decorating, gift giving, food prepping, and all the festive fun is so wonderful but this post singlehandedly reminds us all of how precious life is and what the real meaning of the holidays is. I think its impossible to read this and not get choked up, but let me tell you it was one of the most touching and beautiful posts I have read about Christmas all season long. Talk about putting it in perspective, I strongly advise you to take a look. on Preppy Princess to visit.


2. Don't forget to send in your Christmas related pictures as the holiday gets underway! Now accepting pictures for my "Christmas magic" contest and already getting in some beauties!!

 I also want to announce the start of my final contest for 2013, "Christmas magic". I will be collecting pictures as of today through Jan. 1st. I will hold the contest on Jan. 4-6th and announce the winner(s) on Jan 7th. As the name implies....please send your pictures of anything Christmas related, your decorated front door, a beautifully wrapped gift, a table set with your Christmas finest, your darling kids and pets are always a hit, whatever the name "Christmas magic" means to you! Since my "Hooray for the Holidays" post included some Christmas pictures, if you would like to use the entry you used for that please just email me to let me know and I will be happy to include it. I cannot wait to start getting your entries!! Remember-

  • 2 entries per person (they must be your pictures, not downloaded from internet)
  • Please in subject line when you email me put Christmas Magic (get tons of emails )
Please email your pictures to theenchantedhome@gmail.com 

3. If you missed the most amazing gingerbread houses, you must to see!

That's it I promise! Wishing you a fabulous and productive day! Don't forget to take little breathers and to take good care of yourself. I am practicing what I preach and doing things like indulging in a little chocolate or getting a pedicure.....something that feels good:) Thanks for stopping in!

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