Not your mama's gingerbread house.....

Hi there, are you as busy as I am? C R A Z Y time of year, but somehow it is still fun and magical and exciting I keep thinking if I tell myself this I will really believe it! Not sure about you but I have had a lifelong fascination with gingerbread houses ever since I was little.  And even though my talent is no match for my enthusiasm and love, I still am fascinated by them. Lets just say "my creations" will never EVER grace the pages of Pinterest! But I am still in awe of the spectacular houses that are made by the hands of some seriously talented bakers and artisans. Thought it would make a fun post in the spirit of Christmas being just days away.

I cannot get over the level of detail and one year, when all is calm and peaceful in the kingdom, I may just attempt to make a really special gingerbread house. It won't be a frantic "lets do it in one night" attempt but instead it will be a carefully thought out, brilliantly orchestrated month long affair.......tweaking and adding just bit by bit, day by day and I promise to  take you along for the ride. Who knows.....perhaps next Christmas! How about you? Do you make one or are you like me just are in awe and love to marvel at the talents of others? Feast your eyes on these.......

 The details, the details!

How sweet, a pink gingerbread house! Sweetopia,

 A gingerbread house with its very own slate roof....gotta love it!

 I am expecting Hansel and Gretel to come waltzing out of there any minute.......

This one is so the snow and the "stone" Indulgy

 I am just floored at the level of detail!

This one is so sweet, love the pink and rock crystal "trees"....clever!

 So elegant and grand!

Simple and sweet.......

 I love the simplicity of this one, heck almost something I could do!

LOVE this barn, the silo is such a cute addition! Style sweet

 Cake 3 did a fabulous job on this lifelike gingerbread house

OK seriously people I want to live here!

 This is more like a gingerbread estate!

 Cannot get over the level of detail here......amazing!!

Gotta love it...a gingerbread pagoda!!

Wow! This is one blinged out gingerbread festive!

Well? What do you think? Love them? Me too! Have a favorite? Have you ever attempted to make one? One year I am determined to make one that will warrant sharing:) Thanks for stopping in, hope you are not too crazed as I know this time of year just inevitably has us all running around like mad. I am trying to take  little breathers (like going to blogland) amidst all the chaos and just know things will get done:) Enjoy and be back tomorrow with my final giveaway announcement as well as two winners!!


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2. And I am now accepting pictures of my newest contest "Christmas Magic"

 I also want to announce the start of my final contest for 2013, "Christmas magic". I will be collecting pictures as of today through Jan. 1st. I will hold the contest on Jan. 4-6th and announce the winner(s) on Jan 7th. As the name implies....please send your pictures of anything Christmas related, your decorated front door, a beautifully wrapped gift, a table set with your Christmas finest, your darling kids and pets are always a hit, whatever the name "Christmas magic" means to you! Since my "Hooray for the Holidays" post included some Christmas pictures, if you would like to use the entry you used for that please just email me to let me know and I will be happy to include it. I cannot wait to start getting your entries!! Remember-

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