By Invitation Only........Christmas Cocktails!!

Hi there! So excited to be here for our last By Invitation Only post for 2013.......hard to believe! Where did the time go? 2013 has been an amazing year and I am so fortunate to have been included with such a talented and inspiring group of women/fellow bloggers. It has been fun coming up with our own take  on various themes this year........and I so enjoy seeing what everyone else comes up with too!

The theme this month is both a festive and fun one, Christmas cocktails.....and I had a ball putting it together. Especially since I was originally planning on throwing a real live shindig but alas it was not meant to happen, however am hoping to do a post holiday bash in January. So I had fun living vicariously  through this party and best part of are all invited!

Ready for me to open the door so you can come on in and get this party started?

My invitation might look something like this.....

And as your festive hostess, this is what I will be wearing.....

This gorgeous red lace dress (my Christmas wish came true early...I can eat all I want forever and ever and never gain a pound, hence how I will fit into this dress)!

And of course to show my spirit....gotta add a little green!

And can't decide which of these beauties to include, maybe both!

A little gold polishes it off!

And when the party is in full swing, and no one is looking I will change into these (hey at least they are festive)!

Come on in.......

 The first thing that greets you will be the Christmas tree in the foyer...but it's not the last one you will see!

You will hear all of your favorite holiday tunes being sung by real live Christmas carolers all dressed up in their holiday finest!

You are then handed a glass of champagne to start the celebrating!

 And as you stroll throughout the house with the hum of the carolers singing their tunes, you see that in every room, Christmas had indeed arrived. I have tables set up all over the house as "food stations" so that people will walk and mingle.....

 Festive touches are everywhere.......

Every space has been decorated to the nines in its Christmas finest!

 The breakfast is cheery and festive too....
 And of course I didn't forget about decorating the kitchen!!!!
 I have great big bowls of holiday apples and evergreen..

 Paperwhites will be all over....permeating my home with their intoxicating scent

A local master baker has created this incredible take on a gingerbread house as one of my centerpieces!

 And of course my trademark blue and white is all over the place....

This is a cocktail formal stuffy sit down dinners. This is a casual but elegant affair with a ton of appetizers, both stationery and passed. A quick look at some of the foods that will be served.......we know it's all about the food!!

Mini ceasar salads served in small mint julep cups

Feta and tomato crostinis

Fruits and chocolate tuxedo strawberries

Crab stuffed mushrooms

 Mini shrimp cocktail

Mini  Fish tacos and patron

 A modern and whimscial take on pigs in a blanket:)

Flank steak and avocado on a crostini...yum!

Crab ragoons

Skewered lime shrimp

And if you are like me, what you  really want to know about are  the desserts, here is just a sampling of what will be served....
A gorgeous cookie display of amazing cookies to take home!
All kinds of amazing cakes!
Donuts and milk anyone?

And these cakes do not need narration....YES they are that good!

An assortment of Ms. Prindables apples

Incredible cameo cookies

This is cruel,  I know......... to post so many delectable goodies especially when I am hungry, sorry for any binges this might create...hey, its the holidays, enjoy!

Once we are done toasting, cheering, laughing eating to our hearts delight and of course singing through it all.....I hand out these darling party favors!

And as the night wraps up....and everyone grabs their favor and bids us will never guess who is waiting outside in the front yard to lead the way home!

Ho ho ho! Hope you enjoyed being a guest at my party!! If you want to see others and their interpretations of Christmas cocktails, click on over to the blog of our fearless leader, the uber stylish Marsha at Splenderosa...where links to all the other participants can be found.  TO VISIT.


The new theme is "Hooray for the Holidays". I am accepting pictures for anything having to do with the holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas) up until Dec. 4th. I will run the contest through Dec. 8th and announce a winner on Monday, Dec.9th. I have already gotten some beauties so be sure to  send yours in!

No rules...however you interpret "Hooray for the Holidays". Could be a favorite meal, your home all decked out, your Thanksgiving table, a pretty table setting from a holiday past, a pet or child showing their spirit, etc.....I know I am in for a treat, your talents and inspirations always blow me away. Same rules, two pictures per entrant, you must put Hooray for the Holidays in the subject line of your email (I get a ton of email and don't  want it lost in the shuffle). Email them to

 A reminder that these must be your pictures (not necessarily of your home but pictures that belong to you, not taken off internet)

And if you missed the announcement yesterday of my newest giveaway, by all means to enter to be in the running for this gorgeous large chunky trivet!

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