35 MORE ways to rock a Christmas gift- an encore!

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Well hello there....hope you are doing well. Snow is falling here...so it feels like the festive season is official:)  I had intended to post on my holiday decor but alas I am not quite ready and have yet to take pictures (hopefully tomorrow). I think its safe to say the Christmas chaos has officially begun! I bet this post has many of you knee deep in wrapping paper, tape and ribbon.....and playing Santa's wrapping elf!

 I do love wrapping gifts but have to admit so far I have only wrapped one (maybe that's because that is all I have bought so far:) But many things have been ordered and I will be looking for daily visits from the big brown truck.  This post is therefore quite timely I would imagine for many of us.

My 35 ways to rock a Christmas present post last year was incredibly popular. I still get tons of visits to it and see many images from it on Pinterest so an encore felt appropriate. Let's face it....when you aren't under pressure, wrapping a gift can be such fun. A great way to make something special feel extraordinary. Who doesn't love to receive a beautifully packaged gift, I know I do (hint hint to any of my family members reading this:)

I got many ideas from this post and I think if you take away one thing, it should be that even with simple objects like pine cones, a few sprigs of greenery and a pretty ribbon, you can make a gift look magical! Do you have any tried and true gift wrapping secrets? Do tell.....

1. Heather Bullard is a total giftwrap goddess

2.Velvet ribbon is my absolute fave....adding any kind of pretty adornment is the icing on the cake

3. These feel wonderfully old fashioned......love the look!
4. I love the idea of adding a great big red and white candycane lollipop to a gift to make it feel festive!

5. I LOVE mossy green anything and with a big luxurious bow...it is total perfection!

 6. Love the simplicity of adding a little twine and a candycane to any gift...so pretty and old fashioned!

7. I may steal this idea.....print up a bunch of stickers bearing a holiday message and from you and place atop ribbon.....easy and so custom feeling! Cassandra

8. Polka dots never looked so sophisticated...love the idea of adding little balls!

9. Simple kraft paper can easily be jazzed up with a gorgeous ribbon and burlap, so pretty!

10. LOVE this idea and will be trying it on a few presents this year for sure!

 11. Love the idea of adding a pretty little berry wreath with a lovely tag on simple paper....

12.  Kraft paper need not be boring, jazz it up with some fun ribbon, and a cute tag...and you are good to go

13. Brown ribbon can make any present feel luxurious! M.Stewart

14.  This is super luxe. I love the rich mossy green velvet ribbon and croc embossed paper, so elegant! Carolyne Roehme

15. Simple paper gets dolled up with festive red ribbons and jingle bells..this is such fun!

16.This is such fun...getting plain black matte paper and a white marker or chalk and doodling away!

17. Amazing what a little gingham ribbon, a sprig of greenery and kraft paper can do!
18. Love the big bright shiny ribbon with an adorable tag

19. Unique and custom feeling gifts are only limited by your imagination

20. Who wouldn't love to receive a gift this pretty!

21. How about adding a photograph to customize even the simplest wrapped gift? So clever! Julia Banner

22. Wrap it up in something unexpected like a bright cheery color!

23. LOVE the idea of customizing a gift with pictures...brilliant and so easy!

24. Festive and elegant....all because of a little greenery!

25. Isnt' the idea of adding a broach so amazingly pretty?

26. Wrap it up in a shirt...fun!

 27. Beautiful crocheted ribbon makes this gift look too pretty to open!

 28. A little bling always works!

 29. Any gift is made beautiful with a big beautiful green bow

 30. This is almost too beautiful to open...love it

 31. Pinecones to me, are the best deal out there for so many purposes.

 32.  Make your Christmas cheer pink...love the punch of color!

 33.Simple crafty type papers and tags plus raffia all found at your local craft store can make one heck of a beautiful gift.

 34. This is one of my favorite looks...and it's so easy! A few sprigs, a glue gun and mini pinecones!

35. The holidays is the perfect time to "bling it up" when it comes to gift wrapping!

Hope you saw something that maybe  has inspired you to put a little finesse on that next package you wrap. What is your favorite look? Natural? Blingy? Red and green? Any special gift wrapping tips you would like to share...please do by all means, need all the tips I can gather:)

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Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a fabulous day....ho ho ho!

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