A winner and some Pinterest pretties part I...

Hello! Before I begin with all the good stuff I have to say like everyone else no doubt,  I am so saddened over the weather catastrophe in the Phillipines. The devastation is hard to wrap my brain around. I hope you will join me in keeping those affected in our thoughts and prayers, truly unimaginable.

Happy  to announce the very lucky winner of the mega jackpot of skincare products courtesy of Avery Graham. Lucky lady to be getting all these goodies! Congratulations goes to.....


Pink Opulance, opulence eye cream as well as the eye make-up remover that would be a good start to get me on track!
Thanks for the giveaway and insightful information.

 Please email me here to provide your shipping information. Another great giveaway next week so stay tuned and thank you so much once again Elizabeth of Avery Graham!

Moving along.....Yes I definitely have Pinterest fever, however its under control though I have been pretty good about limiting my time there and as with everything good in life...moderation is key:) I have to say I really enjoy going over my boards which have grown by leaps and bounds, and of course when the thought strikes I add a new board, recently it's "Wrap it up" which will be devoted to gorgeous gift wrapping ideas, just in the nick of time for Christmas.

Thought it would be fun to share some of my favorites once a week. So today's is "Fall fabulosity" becasue well we are in the thick of fall and what better time to celebrate the majestic beauty of my most favorite season then today!

So here are some of my favorites from that board, if you want to see more or all of my Pinterest boards, .

Fall fabulosity

Now if these pictures don't make a fall lover out of you, don't know what will! The majesty and sheer natural beauty that is at every turn is something to behold. So so beautiful......to me fall always feels like a clean slate, a chance to begin anew with that first inhale of fresh crisp fall air, comes a new life into a new season. to see all my boards on Pinterest.

I will be posting another batch of truly amazing steals and deals hopefully tomorrow (if I can get them all photographed in time otherwise Thursday). Do come back to take a look...so many good things and great buys. Thanks for stopping in as always and happy fall to you!


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