Late week random musings......

Hello. Hope you are having a great week, mine was spiffy and so busy (the steals and deals kept me on my toes all week) crazy how everywhere I turn I am seeing something having to do with Thanksgiving or Christmas! It feels like suddenly the accelerator has been pressed and things are in fast forward.....I almost get dizzy thinking of what needs to get done but am determined to hopefully wrap it all up by the first week of December, because normally mid December I am ready and quite eligible for the local asylum:) All that aside, I DO love the holidays and all that goes along with it, giving, the foods, the weather, the decorating, wrapping gifts, holiday clothes,etc.......but I like when I can really savor and enjoy it, and that only happens when I am organized and stay on task so today is not a day too soon to start the planning!

Before I get started I announced the winner of the mega jackpot skincare from Avery Graham. Unfortunately the winner has not stepped up so I am giving it one more shot. If I have not heard back by Sunday morning, a new winner will be chosen. So Debra....time is ticking! Step right up to claim your prize!


Pink Opulance, opulence eye cream as well as the eye make-up remover that would be a good start to get me on track!
Thanks for the giveaway and insightful information

Anywho, moving along here is what's new in my world......(all pics taken with iPhone as my camera was not charged)

MY HOUSE. I have some projects in the works. Got my first strikeoff for the dining room of the chinoiserie and while it's definitely not right it does affirm my decision that this is the way to go and once we get the colors down, its going to be nothing short of spectacular. SO we are back to round 2 and think we are a lot closer now in terms of the colors we are using...cannot wait and of course will share! It is a definite labor of love but oh so worth it!

 The large sample though way too the pattern, let the tweaking begin!

 Another smaller sample from long ago, as you can see the background is way off from the rug but you have to start somewhere!

 So my trusty little Benjamin Moore color cards have been making many visits to the dining room!
 And at long last, I have chosen colors for the next sample......fingers crossed!

My bedroom is also finally coming together.  Used this gorgeous cream and blue silk for my closet/sitting area and was waiting till it went up to decided if I would use it for the bedroom and indeed I am, I just love it. Its so soft and pretty and quiet just as I wanted it to be. I have been working hard to find carpeting, its a very large space so the challenge ironically hasnt' been finding a carpet I like but finding one they have enough of. I have found the mills do not stock carpet the way they used to...sign of the times. So this is the one I can get the most of, it will mean not putting carpeting in my closet and small office, but having it in the sitting area and bedroom which really are most important anyway. So think this is the one and about to pull the trigger...woo hoo!

 It all started with this gorgeous paper from Stark (now discontinued, but available by custom order)

 So after months and months of thinking and looking (more thinking than looking) I found a carpet with just the right cream and just the right soft dusty blue

 And went back to the original trim from Clarence House that I am madly in love with!

 And the gorgeous cream and blue silk.......

Ready to see the fabric in my sitting room/closet? Love it!

 Pay zero attention the that chair (my first big girl purchase at 22 from Century) still a great chair but am going to reupholster it and the tattered Scalamandre pillow (20 years and going strong) but wrong colors,etc......

 Another carpet that was lovely from Stark but it was too green, not blue enough.....

 Still love this linen, will do some pillows or something in this for sure
 Amazing how often we go back to our original choices.....that was the case with me and I am thrilled.

A GREAT FILM. I like movies of all kinds and I watched one somewhat documentary called "Red Obsession" which is about the soaring prices and unparallelled demand for the famed Bordeaux wines, and of course who is their number one consumer? The is totally fascinating and if this remotely interests you then I would highly recommend it. I know its available on Movies on Demand and I believe Netflix. Here is a sneak peek.....

GREENWICH, CT. I love this place! 15 years ago we had a deal on a house there that turned out to have some serious structural issues and we looked at it as a chance to reconsider and ended up staying on Long Island closer to family. However many many times I have thought and still think this is one of most beautiful places to live. I love Greenwich and if you ever the chance to visit, you absolutely should!! Went to a great restaurant Harvest (thanks Sandy from You may be wandering)  where I had the best shaved Brussels sprouts salad EVER. Then we went into some of our favorite shops including Rinfret (always a fave), here is a recap......

 Yes it really was THAT good!!!!!!!

 Isn't this charming? I couldn't resist taking pictures, they always do such a beautiful job.....

 Saw this beautiful very large ginger jar at Two's Company and my blue and white radar went on high alert!

These next photos are all from Rinfret, which is all decked out for the holidays, its was so festive and beautiful......

GOOD FOOD. You know this is a favorite subject of mine! So two things to talk about. The first I was inspired to find, after eating that out of this world brussels sprout salad and I found one that seems to be very very close from The Divine Addiction. I am trying it this week and will let you know. In case you are interested..... for recipe.

Second one is something I tried and LOVED. Worth me on this. One subject I consider myself to be an expert on is food:) If you like puff pastry, mushrooms and Gruyere then you must give this a shot (I also add Parmesan) You can make one big one or cut them into squares as appetizers.....yum! for recipe.

AN INTERESTING VIDEO. You might have thought of this, maybe not. What kind of mother are you? How would you describe yourself as a mother to your kids? How do you think your kids might describe you? This video is worth a look, it is so telling and so touching and makes me wonder how my kids would answer it. Really got me thinking.  to see.

BABY LIGHT MY FIRE. This is for lovely Anita of Castles Crowns and Cottages. She had asked if we had lit the fireplace outside and if we did to please share a picture. Well Anita, this ones for you......wish you were here to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate with me!

NEW CONTEST! The blue and white love was such a huge success that I am continuing on with another contest. The new theme is "Hooray for the Holidays". I am accepting pictures for anything having to do with the holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas) up until Dec. 4th. I will run the contest through Dec. 8th and announce a winner on Monday, Dec.9th.

No rules...however you interpret "Hooray for the Holidays". Could be a favorite meal, your home all decked out, your Thanksgiving table, a pet or child showing their spirit, etc.....I know I am in for a treat, your talents and inspirations always blow me away. Same rules, two pictures per entrant, you must put Hooray for the Holidays in the subject line of your email (I get a ton of email and dont' want it lost in the shuffle).

Email me your pictures to Thank in advance for entering, you have a little over 2 weeks to send them in! I will also hold a Christmas themed contest in early Jan so get those cameras ready! Some ideas.....

SHOP NEWS. I have been really busy with my little shop. I was excited to help someone with 20 ginger jars for her daughters wedding, she promised to send pictures, I can't wait! I also have some lighting that was custom done that went in which I will also share. I love nothing more than when customers send me pictures of their completed projects.

I am going to be doing a post in the next week  about various holiday gifts/promotions in  my shop as well as deadlines, because time is ticking!  I am also going to "close shop" for about a week before Christmas. The last day to place orders will be Dec. 14th until after Christmas. In the upcoming post I will also let you know about deadlines for things like monogrammed items, custom napkin rings,etc.....

On my recent steals and deals, I really hit the jackpot. I was lucky enough to have bought a large lot of truly exquisite items from a manufacturer who is restructuring and moving down south. His loss is my gain (and yours)! I have sold the bulk of it but still have about 10-12 boxes to unpack so who knows what's in them! It's like a treasure hunt with guaranteed treasure:) I am trying to move through them quickly to ideally get everything up, sold and shipped before Thanksgiving. I will post the newest finds sometime next week......

FINALLY,  as much fun as it is to talk about the fluff and fun of the things we love most......I must speak about the horrific events happening in the Philippines. The devastation is truly unimaginable. My heart breaks for all those affected. The rebuilding effort is going to take a very long time. But right now the focus is on the people and treating the hundreds of thousands who are injured, without food and water, shelter...people who have lost their families and everything they ever owned.
I always like to to help out in whatever small way I can, my only requirement is I want to know my donation is going 100% to the actual relief effort and not to cover administration coats!

I have given through AmeriCares  (who is also a non profit and a wonderful organization too) and thanks to Emily of Splendid Market, I also found out about Direct Relief, whose mission as a non profit organization is to provide medical relief around the world. That is the main focus for the many victims of Typhoon Haiyan. to find out more about them. There is no amount too small, every dollar can make a difference. I hope you will consider donating.

Thanks so much for stopping in and I hope you have a wonderful and productive day! I enjoyed putting this post together and really enjoyed being all over the map with my random musings...missed these posts! I think the theme for November (for me at least) will be productivity. I want to get as much done before the Christmas crunch this month as I possibly can. Is there such thing as a relaxing December? Hummmmmm........I will get back to you on that:)

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