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The Copenhagen-based restaurant Noma, one of the world’s best restaurants, renovated its kitchen by the Belgian company, Maes Inox.

Maes Inox was already asked to build a kitchen for some Belgian top restaurants and earlier this year the company was commissioned to build a new and high-end kitchen for the Danish restaurant Noma.

Noma was chosen as the world's best restaurant several times over the past years, and the chef René Redzepi has built a solid reputation for his innovative approach.

Noma is the hardest restaurant in the world to get into, with some 20,000 daily reservation requests !

Noma first opened in November 2003 and after 10 years of being up and running, the restaurant has gotten a complete kitchen makeover.

6Noma 3D kitchen  Image source http://www.maesinox.be

Inside the kitchen you notice empty space in order to create plenty of room to maneuver. All of the equipment has been hidden away. Stainless-steel countertops have been replaced by dark granite with compartments for tools built right in.

3Noma’s new kitchen  Image source here

4Noma’s new kitchen  Image source here

As a Belgian, I am very proud that our Belgian company Maes Inox was commissioned to build the kitchen for this renowned restaurant.

For more information about MAES INOX, please visit their website



As an interior designer I also would love to share with you a few images of the Noma restaurant’s interior that was renovated last year (2012) by the Danish studio Space Copenhagen.

2Entrance of the restaurant Noma  Image source here

The designers have replaced the brown hues of the original interior with muted black and grey tones.

They used organic materials such as wood, stone, leather, brass and linen, that age beautifully over time and that create an honest and earthy feel.

5Restaurant Noma - Interior design by Space Copenhagen  Image source here

Fur cloaks hanging over the chairs.

7Restaurant Noma - Interior design by Space Copenhagen  Image source here

The renovation gave the restaurant a more cosy Nordic feel.


For more information :

NOMA http://noma.dk




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