Thanksgiving greetings and a walk down memory lane......

Hi everyone!  I wanted to pop in today to say hello and a short goodbye  and to wish all of my readers, amazing blogging friends, both old and new.......the happiest and healthiest Thanksgiving holiday.  It is a special time for us all to reflect on our blessings and to give thanks and I have so much to be thankful for.....including my blog and all of you for caring about what I have to say:)

 I had quite a week last week and even now with this strange rash, yesterday ruled out shingles (thank God)! They determined (3 doctors) that it is definitely a reaction and likely was the poison ivy as originally suspected but a stubborn strain so they gave me 13 tiny steroid injections into my neck (where its most affected) and indeed I am feeling much more comfortable though I look like a teenager plagued with a case of acne...ahh the beauty of scarves and chunky necklaces!

We are headed to my families home and then to my sisters for Thanksgiving so I will taking off the next four days to celebrate the holiday and spend quality time with my family.  My stretch pants are packed, any guilt about enjoying great food over the next few days has been stashed away for future binges (we are all and should be rightfully exempt for Thanksgiving)! I will miss blogland but am also looking forward to this treasured time doing a whole lot of nothing (besides eating and game playing :)

I thought it would be fun to go back a bit and  share with you some much older posts, many that you possibly have not seen. I also found some fun guests posts where I was a guest on someone else's blog that were fun to read over...... It was so enjoyable walking down memory lane!

Don't forget about the spectacular giveaway courtesy of Seda France for two magnificent chinoiserie pillows. A winner will be chosen and announced on Sunday morning (details on bottom). And of course my "Hooray for the holidays" contest, taking pictures until Dec. 4th so don't miss out on a photo op this Thanksgiving (details on the bottom).

Ready to walk down memory lane with me? Let's go......

A few guests posts (these were fun for me to read, you may or not find amusing..depends how interesting you find me:)
Holiday how to's over at The Buzz Blog

Guest post over at Homebunch

My favorite room feature by Sadie and Stella

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A conversation wtih Tina of Ana laila by Brandon of Southgate

How I find my style Sundays on From my front porch to yours

The ABC's of Tina of Ana laila at Marianne Simon

TG Interiors and Ana laila

Now onto  some of my earlier posts that you might not have seen.........(click on title to visit)

Celebrity Homes!

Blue and white is always right (think this was my first blue and white post)!

Designer Spotight Cathy Kincaid (still love this post)

A vintage country Christmas!

Hallelujah for the Hamptons!

Fabulously French!

Divine Inspiration part 1

Join me in the English countryside! 

Pictures that strike an emotion

Creating the ultimate European kitchen

Bedrooms that make you want to call in sick!

Beach house chic!

56 reasons why I love blue and white (must have been one of my first)

Moving update!

So in case you have a surplus of downtime and feel like a virtual escape into blogland.... those might keep you busy for a while  or in the event that you are missing me  terribly and want to stay connected:) Once again sending you the warmest and happiest Thanksgiving wishes. I am so grateful for your support and friendship! Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful, joyous and peaceful Thanksgiving holiday. Talk soon! Gobble gobble.......

To enter the contest for a gorgeous pair of chinoiserie pillows from Seda France, !

And as you are celebrating Thanksgiving over the next few on the lookout for special "photo ops' to submit for my "Hooray for the holidays contest"! 

The new theme is "Hooray for the Holidays". I am accepting pictures for anything having to do with the holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas) up until Dec. 4th. I will run the contest through Dec. 8th and announce a winner on Monday, Dec.9th. I have already gotten some beauties so send yours in!

No rules...however you interpret "Hooray for the Holidays". Could be a favorite meal, your home all decked out, your Thanksgiving table, a pretty table setting from a holiday past, a pet or child showing their spirit, etc.....I know I am in for a treat, your talents and inspirations always blow me away. Same rules, two pictures per entrant, you must put Hooray for the Holidays in the subject line of your email (I get a ton of email and don't  want it lost in the shuffle).

A reminder that these must be your pictures (not necessarily of your home but pictures that belong to you, not taken off internet)

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