Steals and deals that will make you squeal!!!!!!

Hello! Did you notice my new banner? Yep that's the one that won, the one you voted thank you. I love it! It really puts me in the mood for the holidays! I announced a winner for the super amazing Avery Graham skincare treasure chest yesterday and have not yer heard from the winner. Unfortunately there was no email address attached so I can only post her name and comment. I am doing it again in hopes that she will see that she won. I will give this until Friday morning, if I have not heard from her, I will select a new winner. So here once again is the winner-


Pink Opulance, opulence eye cream as well as the eye make-up remover that would be a good start to get me on track!
Thanks for the giveaway and insightful information.

 Don't know about where you are but it is freeeeeezing over here. So cold, as in last night it dipped into the 20's. Way too cold for mid November! The fun continues....I been super busy and have unpacked many  more boxes from the very large lot I bought from the manufacturer that I have previously mentioned. I was so excited to discover some more pieces of certain items that were sold out as well as many more beautiful new finds! Part of the fun in opening up everything is it's like being on a treasure hunt on steroids, I have no idea what I will find or rediscover! There is a little more to come but this is definitely  the bulk of it.

Some of the serving pieces I will start stocking but they will not be at this price. Unfortunately the silver pieces, clocks and pheasant china and exquisite silver accessories are no more so whatever I have left is it:) You know the drill if you see anything you want, just email me and I will send you an invoice. These things do sell fast so its first first serve. Email me at

Ready to take a look? There is a lot to take in so brace yourself. Whatever is not sold over the next two days I may make a Pinterest board of so you can refer to that (if there is anything left).....

Every order over $100 will receive one of these gorgeous solid brass letter openers!
I had a few people inquire about buying these. Yes they are for sale at $14.00 each, solid brass and lovely!

1. More stunning serving pieces! These are just so beautiful and old world...didn't know they made things like this anymore! Best part, they are brand new, just in time for the holidays. Great gift too for the hostess:)

1A.  Set of three oversized serving spoons. $65.00 for three

1B. Set of three gorgeous serving spades Set of three $65.00


1C. Beautiful single serving filigree spade $28.00

1D. Beautiful cut crystal heavy salad set and cake spade (Salad set is $45 and spade is $28)

2. Two more sets of the very large and very impressive pheasants. These are like the crown jewels for any dining table or vignette they are used in $190.00 a pair, very heavy and substantial looking.



3. Three more of the med. pheasants, $60.00

3. Two more stag clocks. These are just so gorgeous and classic! $60.00

4. 2 sets of blue and white chinoiserie mug plates (dessert or salad) $30.00 for 4 plates

5. A random grouping of sample serving utensils.......

5A. Olive branch salad serving set, nice heavy weight $32.00

5B. Assorted crystal handled serving pieces (1 spade, 1 carving knife and a salad set) $75.00 for 4 pieces

5C.1 small fancy spade

6. Gorgeous box of silver spades, set of 3 in beautiful black velvet box, great gift idea! $62.00

7. One last pumpkin tureen..these are so wonderful for fall entertaining $85.00

8. Was so excited to get two more stag trays!! This is spectacular and sold on Gorsuch for nearly $500! $215.00 here

9. One last stag tureen this is it (retails for $495) $235.00 So gorgeous!

10. Was beyond excited to get some more pheasant dinner and salad plates. Unfortunately this it though. This is the last of it, how I wish I could get more! I have 6 sets of dinner plates (115 for 4 plates) and 12 sets of salad (75 for four). These are exquisite!

11. The super popular red French chef jars, the pair is $45.00 (have 12). These go fast and are wonderful gifts too for someone who loves her home:)

12. Stunning crested filigree silver planter. These are truly exquisite with the most amazing old world detailing. Two med 8" x 10" $120.00 and one small 4" x 6" $65.00 (two of each size)

13. Beautiful coral tureen. Such a pretty piece. I have two. $125.00 Large and impressive, great to use or for display. Four pieces includes platter, tureen base, lid and ladle.

14. A few more of the darling porcelain salt and peppers. White crabs, white and green pinecones, Black lab, white labs, cows, roosters and red fox. Only $12.00 each, great stocking stuffer or small gift

15. Got in some more of these beautiful old world candlesticks. None over $100! These retailed in some stores for over $250. Heavy, beautiful old world detailing and substantial.

PAIR 1  $90.00 About 10" tall

PAIR 2  $95.00 About 11.5' tall

PAIR 3 $85.00 about 8.5" tall

16. Gorgeous assorted sample planters. Large ones $28.00 and sm/med $24.00. Great prices!

16 A and B.  Left is med. and the right is large

 16 C AND D Left is med. and right is large
16 E. Beautiful blue and white planter (lg) comes with plater for drainage

16 F. Beautiful blue bees on white (lg)

17. Got in these magnificent truly heirloom quality silver pieces. Only two of each. Seeing is believing, made of very heavy silver, these are just stupendous looking! They are at least half of what they retailed for!

17A. Magnificent ornate trophy/urn. About 20" tall.....just exquisite, quite heavy. $195.00 (4 pieces)

17 B. And this centerpiece is just out of this world. Could see it with fruit or flowers....stunning! Yes I kept one for myself! I have two more. Beautiful etched glass bowls on heavy ornate silver base. $215.00 (retails for over $500) I have 2 of these

17C. And finally got two pair of these very tall exquisite candleholders/hurricanes. Would be the crowning touch to any dining table or console table $215.00 for the pair (retailed for $475) I have 2 pair

18A. Beautiful blue and white plates. Perfect to mix in with an existing solid pattern, great for salad or dessert or just display. Four different floral designs, beautiful scalloped edges. Love these! Set of four $42.00

18B. And how about this gorgeous leaf plates, perfect for appetizers or dessert. Set of 6 $48.00

18C. For a blue and white or equestrian lover or both..these are for you. Set of four charming 10.5" plates, great for display or hanging. If I had a place in my kitchen to hang these, I would so keep them! Four different scenes, $40.00 for all four.

19. The darling elephants and frogs. I have 3 frogs, 2 starfish salt and peppers  and 2 elephants. Darling Herend-like figurines.  Great gifts!

$25.00 for frog $25.00 for starfish  and $35.00 for the elephant

20. Beautiful pair of black and gold tole scalloped planters I have one pair of the med. and one pair of large,  Lg. $145.00 for pair Med.$125.00

21. Finally a few extras of the gorgeous super soft leather totes from Annabell Ingall! I have two khaki and three nutmegs and one brown messenger. All sooo pretty!

Totes $395 (retail for $455)
Messenger $200 (retails for $245)

Great deals on my most favorite every day bag! 

Most of you know to contact me at for any order you want to place, however for those who are new, it's simple just refer to the item number next to picture of what you want and email me, I will send an invoice via Paypal (you do not need an account to pay with your cc). Orders normally ship within 1-2 days..quick turnaround! Trying to sell and ship all these well before Thanksgiving. Thank you again for stopping in....stay warm:)

Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day!

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