Christmas setting with Belgian designed festive ornaments and trinkets


Dear readers, Christmas time is coming our way and we do have to start thinking about our Christmas decorations !

If you would love to impress your guests with a richly adorned Christmas tree this year, you absolutely will love the Christmas ornaments designed by the Belgian company Goodwill M&G.

Goodwill M&G designs and makes gorgeous seasonal decorations and accessories that are sold all over the world.

Today I take you to the house of Jean-Paul and Isabelle Meus, the owners of the Antwerp based company Goodwill.

Every year the family Meus enjoys the ritual of dressing their Christmas tree and decorating their home, by opening their treasure boxes full of glass baubles, figurines and trinkets, collected over the years.


A red and amber Christmas wreath embellishing the front door.

SHOOT-814-156519-bewerktPhoto credit Claude Smekens


The red walls of the entrance hall are the perfect backdrop for the ten-foot tall Christmas tree, which is dressed to impress.

SHOOT-814-156463-bewerktPhoto credit Claude Smekens


Some of the nostalgic Christmas tree ornaments

SHOOT-814-156425-bewerktPhoto credit Claude Smekens

SHOOT-814-156400-bewerktPhoto credit Claude Smekens

SHOOT-814-156391-bewerktPhoto credit Claude Smekens


Chimney candle-holders…

SHOOT-814-156436-bewerktPhoto credit Claude Smekens


…and flickering tealights.

SHOOT-814-156446-bewerktPhoto credit Claude Smekens


The dining table is covered with a rich velvet cloth. Isabelle Meus painted the chairs in eye-catching colours.

SHOOT-814-156281-bewerktPhoto credit Claude Smekens


The table candle-holders are chosen to match the dining room colour palette.

SHOOT-814-156264-bewerktPhoto credit Claude Smekens


Florist Vincent Moens designed this festive artwork, which is a cluster of branches wrapped in moss and wire and hung with glass icicles.

SHOOT-814-156380-bewerktPhoto credit Claude Smekens


Glass icicles

SHOOT-814-156382-bewerktPhoto credit Claude Smekens


Red berries on the kitchen table. And a coloured bauble wreath decorates the kitchen hood.

SHOOT-814-156587-bewerktPhoto credit Claude Smekens


Bauble wreath

SHOOT-814-156615-bewerktPhoto credit Claude Smekens


To discover the Goodwill Christmas Collection, please visit the Goodwill webshop by clicking on the Goodwill logo.


For those who are regular visitors of Maison & Objet in Paris, I want to let you know that Goodwill M&G will participate Maison & Objet Paris 2014 (24/01/2014 - 28/01/2014).


If you are interested in seeing more of the beautiful Belgian house of Jean-Paul & Isabelle Meus, a featuring of their house can be seen in the latest issue of the British magazine Homes & Gardens and in the latest issue of the Belgian magazine Tijdloos wonen.

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I hope you enjoyed my first Christmas decoration post !




All pictures in this article are posted with the approval of photographer Claude Smekens.

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