My weekend as seen through my iPhone and a stupendous new giveaway!!

Hi there! I have had some crazy week. On Monday woke up with what looked poison ivy (sidenote I have a history of getting very severe cases of the dreadful rash) I race to the dermatologist at first sight and am immediately put on heavy duty steroids both topical and oral. However this time within 24 hours I started having a horrible reaction to the topical and its been one miserable week. Living like a leper not leaving the house all week with a fan at my side at all times, was the only way to stay reasonably comfortable.

 Only on Thurs night did I decide to not use the cream and took a scalding hot shower to get off every trace and like magic...I felt better. Not 100% but significantly better....and that is how I found  out that I was allergic, started doing research and was floored to see how many have such severe reactions to this stuff! So still on prednisone which makes me feel loopy and a little wacky but the extra burst of energy was a blessing in disguise to finish getting out a rush of orders. On top of all this not feeling great and certainly not looking my best, we are supposed to go to a black tie event tonight! I am feeling pressured which I cannot stand and want nothing more than to stay in my robe, close the door and call it a weekend. To be continued.....

So I told you I would be having a giveaway every week until Christmas and I am beyond excited to announce this new one! We all know Seda France, right? Certainly a name brand that needs no introduction. I have been using their products for many many years.

 The maker of some of my most favorite candles in the world. (imagine an Oprah voice saying that)! Their scents are totally sublime, the packaging so decadent and gorgeous that sometimes it feels just wrong to open them! I have been a long time fan of Seda France so was over the moon when I found out that they are expanding into all kinds of new territory. I flipped over the new addition of their spectacular new chinoiserie pillows...come to mama! They just introduced a fabulous pillow line. Filled with feather down, they measure 19" x 19" and feature a traditional pagoda design on one side and classic fretwork on the reverse...brilliant!

Seda France was ever so kind to donate not one but TWO pillows as a giveaway! So one lucky winner will get a pair of these gorgeous chinoiserie pillows in their choice of color. How amazing is that! All details on bottom how to win. Let's take a look at these beauties shall we?

Love that these are two smart and so classically gorgeous, good work Seda France :)

Pretty amazing don't you think? Which is your favorite color? I love them all but see either the blue or tan for my own home...but how fun would the orange or green be?

Since I have spent so much time in the house here are my musings taken with my iPhone.....

 Putting final touches on bedroom this new tape too...could be a pretty addtiion

 I am still determined to find a way to use this mantle....IN LOVE!

 The other day when I went to get the mail I noticed  the most beautiful sunset and that coupled with the late season foliage peeking through the front door was too pretty to not capture

 Forgot about this Greek key I bought in the spring in Charlottesville! I love it...going to add it to some pillows!

 Bought these beautiful tole sconces at a local antique shop...aren't they pretty?

 I cannot believe what they are doing with tile today! These "parquet floors" are tile, indestructible...and so reasonable, we are looking for tiles for a large room in our basement, something that is no fuss.

LOVE my new cutting boards that just came in as new additions to my European kitchen
exquisite are these and a massive 3" thick!

 And love of course the beautiful large trivets...these are the ultimate serving piece for cheeses and antipastas, so pretty!

And the biggest highlight of my week (actually month, maybe even year) is putting in the most magnificent antique Serapi into our library!!! I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS RUG!  More to come as this room comes together......

Now how to win the pair of scrumptious pillows. Just visit Seda France, come back here and tell me your favorite item or scent and which color pillows you would love to win. 

If you want a second chance, leave them a comment on their Facebook page (be sure to mention you are from Ana laila so we will count that as an extra chance).


You CANNOT leave a comment by responding via email. It does not count. You MUST click on title of post in my email. This will take you directly to my site. Once there, you can scroll to bottom and leave a comment. You can comment using an email address or  you can use a first name or even anonymously (but if you do be sure to put your first name and last name initial in comment). Again please DO NOT respond to my posts through email, I get a ton of comments this way and it is not a valid way of leaving comments. Click on title of post.

This contest will be on until next Sunday when I will announce a lucky winner of the pair of pillows.  Thank you for stopping by to see whats new with me , I hope you have a fabulous and relaxing weekend. Talk to you on Monday!

Finally dont' forget I am taking submissions until Dec.4th for my 'Hooray for the holidays" details below.....

The new theme is "Hooray for the Holidays". I am accepting pictures for anything having to do with the holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas) up until Dec. 4th. I will run the contest through Dec. 8th and announce a winner on Monday, Dec.9th. I have already gotten some beauties so send yours in!

No rules...however you interpret "Hooray for the Holidays". Could be a favorite meal, your home all decked out, your Thanksgiving table, a pretty table setting from a holiday past, a pet or child showing their spirit, etc.....I know I am in for a treat, your talents and inspirations always blow me away. Same rules, two pictures per entrant, you must put Hooray for the Holidays in the subject line of your email (I get a ton of email and don't  want it lost in the shuffle).

A reminder that these must be your pictures (not necessarily of your home but pictures that belong to you, not taken off internet)

Email me your pictures to Thank in advance for entering, you have a little over 2 weeks to send them in! I will also hold a Christmas themed contest in early Jan so get those cameras ready!

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