Say hello to Elizabeth from Avery Graham and a really MAJOR giveaway!

Hi, well its been a busy busy week. Between the Blue and White love contest, to which the responses was simply amazing to the steals and deals..its been quite a whirlwind. I am still unloading boxes and will be offering more wonderful finds over the next few weeks so no worries if you missed out this last time, lots more goodies to come!

Nothing like ending the week on a really high note. A REALLY high note. Today we are talking skin care. As we glide into a new season, with colder drier air, no matter what kind of skin you have its sure to change as the temperatures dip. I am a product junkie and my bathroom drawers will not argue (nor will my husband). Over the years I have tried many skin care products, some I have loved and others I either tossed or gave to someone else to try.

I had mentioned receiving the most beautiful package of skin care goodies from Avery Graham about 6 weeks ago. The timing was actually ideal as I was not loving my regimen and was on the prowl for good new products aka miracles. I must tell you I am really really loving this line. I haven't been this excited over a skin care line in a long time!  They are sooooooo luxurious and feel so decadent on my skin. It feels like I am giving my skin a rich moisture bath every time I use them.

 I have to say the moisturizers and eye cream might be one of the best I have ever used. I had two people comment on my skin this week, both saying it looked like it was glowing!  I love when it glows and is  dewy,  plump and youthful look (yea I know you are saying and who doesn't?

I only talk about what I really love. This is not the first skincare I have received but its the first one I felt compelled to get the word out about. On top of that Elizabeth, the founder of Avery Graham has so generously and I mean generously offered a major giveaway, a huge box filled with every conceivable product (valued at over $1000.00)!!!! How is that for a giveaway!!

So this is a win/win. I am ecstatic over my new skin care, got to meet my own personal skincare guru who is so ready to answer all questions and am getting to share her line with you through this stupendous giveaway!!!! Elizabeth Cardarelli was so gracious to answer my questions, and let me tell you her thorough replies could warrant a book on it's own and just think its all free here on this post:)

Ready to hear from Elizabeth? Take notes people, this is everything you wanted to know about skincare, aging, taking care of your skin, myths and more......a true wealth of information and I am excited!

 1. How did you get involved in the world of skincare? How long have you been doing it?

I actually was a PR Coordinator for a popular television dance show, Dance Party USA/Dancing on Air. We lost our contract with USA network and I was having difficulty finding a job in my field and decided to answer an ad to represent a natural skincare line, and fell in love! I then heard about the first aesthetic program to be offered in the Philadelphia area and decided to take the course to better advise and educate my clients.

Not long after that, I pounded the pavement and knocked on the doors of plastic surgeons to convince them that they needed me to teach their patients how to take care of their skin.

25 years later, I'm still excited to be a clinical aesthetician and the founder and creator of Avery Graham Noble Skin Care. My goal when I first started was to take care of one patient at a time by becoming their skincare expert and coach, providing the tools that they would need for acne, pregnancy, menopause, cancer and aging to maintain, correct, repair, and heal their skin throughout life's journey. I never would have imagined that one shift in direction could led to such a exhilarating career that leaves me fulfilled each day!

Upon reflection, my journey began when I was a little girl volunteering as a candy striper at The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania... making beds, aiding the nurses, and helping the patients feel their best. I knew then that I wanted help people, and I'm proud to say the place that inspired me now carries the Avery Graham Purity Collection, designed specifically for patients. It's ironic how life's journey can lead us back to what originally inspired us. Following your heart or passion is always what serves us best. 

2. Just how much does the environment/weather/seasons really affect our skin?

 It greatly affects it. Our environment has greatly shifted from years ago. Pollution, seasonal changes, barometric pressure shifts, and harsh environments can take a toll on our shield of armor. I commonly advise runners to really commit to skin protection while out in the elements. The daily impact has a cumulative affect that can be unfavorable. This is where hydration and/or sunscreen is most effective. You need a barrier between you and the environment. So, protect yourself and ward off premature aging.

3. Any myths about skin that you want to clear up/clarify?


The poor sun has received such a bad rap, and we need it for us to be healthy human beings.  Yes, of course you want to protect yourself from overexposure to the sun, but it is not necessary to wear sunscreen everyday. Many sunscreens are filled with chemicals that are not good for us and overusing them can contribute to excess breakouts, acne, and vitamin D deficiencies.

So, here is my recommendation: if you are in the sun for a prolonged amount of time, at the beach or involved in outdoor activities, wear sunscreen! If you are leaving your house to take a 10 minute walk or to go to work, you do not need sunscreen! I also think that sunscreen should not be used as source for hydration.  It's a protecting agent, not a phyto-enriched nourishing hydrator.  Be aware of the differences.

4. Tell me please! 2 of the best things those of us with dry skin can do do our skin to keep it nourished and hydrated.

This is such a great question... Exfoliate and Hydrate!
Although, I wish you asked for 3 things Tina, and I'll tell you why...

Let's talk about exfoliation first:

In clinical skincare our main  focus is with the "stimulators and correctors" because they will create the most significant change within your skin. Those products would contain  AHAs, (glycolic and lactic acid) tretinoin (retin-a or retinols), and the free radical fighters known as antioxidants which can be a skincare cocktail of DMAE, alpha lipoic acid, phyto nutrients, vitamins, and  minerals.

Daily exfoliation is key and it's not about harsh exfoliators to scrub the skin off, it's about being good to your skin with serums that infuse nutrients and exfoliants that remove  dead skin cells cumulatively. I frequently compare a good skincare regime to working out or being on a diet... I think clinical treatments are essential, but would you go to the gym and come home to eat french fries and expect a better body? Consistency is key for any lasting result, especially for dry or dehydrated skin.


I can't tell  you how many patients I see daily that are using various hydrators ranging from the most inexpensive brands to the top of the crop, and are still dry, wrinkled and often break out because they are using too much to hydrate the dead skin. This was one of my personal problems and why I created my moisturizers. For instance Avery Graham's Pink Opulence is a true game changer in skin nourishment and hydration.  This product contains phyto nutrients to nourish, regenerate, heal, and soothe the epidermal skin. You start to see vibrancy within your skin just as you would see within your body if you we're nourishing it well. The use of  parabens, mineral oils, and petroleums are ineffective in changing the skin because the molecular structure is too large to penetrate into the tissue; therefore, acting as a barrier.  This is why so many people suffering from dry skin never seem to see a change.

And why I suggested a third product...

Skincare should be customized to the individuals' needs. Without my serums and moisturizers, I would be lost. But, for me, it all starts with preparing and treating the canvas with the cleanser.  If I were to use something too harsh on dry skin, I am already at a disadvantage in moving to the next step because now my skin has been compromised. So, I would say, cleaning your skin with something that's appropriate for you is the key

5. Please set the record straight...are there any products in the market that can help stall the aging process? Or are we just buying into the fancy packaging and slick marketing?

 I recently attended a seminar with the remarkable Dr. Andrew Weil, and I agree with what he said... There is no anti-aging, we are all aging... We just have to decide how we are going to do it. This really is the foundation of how my skin care line, Avery Graham, was created. Just as Dr.Weil explained that heart disease is no longer just about the heart - it's about the body and how it functions as one complete system, fabulous and healthy skin needs the same support to radiate from within. Long ago, I realized that you could not just treat acne, dry skin, eczema, or any other skin condition by ignoring what was going on in the body. Water, phyto nutrients, exercise, and sleep all lay the stepping stone to aging well and having you look your best throughout the different stages of your life. So, yes, there are some key components that have proven the test of time, retinols probably being the leaders, but they alone cannot give you the optimum result. I think it's a shift in our  mindset about how we view our health and our skin.  My approach is very different in treating the skin, and I think this is why my patients have experienced success for over 25 years.

6. What are two things we must all do every day without fail to protect our skin?

 Sip and Sweep!

Sip water, life's essential nutrient, all day long.  You need it to maintain a healthy body, functioning mind, and hydrated tissue.

Sweep away the day's impurities such as environmental pollution, germs, chemicals, and bacteria by washing your face once you are home and begin to settle in for the night.  Many people fail to do this because they fall asleep and don't feel like doing it.   I advise my patients to wash their face as soon as they come home for the night, this way you're actually doing something good for your skin and your additional products have chance to work their magic instead of soaking into your pillowcase because you put them on 5 minutes before going to bed. 

7. For someone who is not diligent about skincare and needs  no fuss regimen, how would you guide them?

 Cleanse, vitamin infused serum and/or exfoliate, and hydrate.

For the morning: I would cleanse your skin, do a vitamin enriched phyto serum like our Restora that firms, tightens, and brightens your skin, and then moisturize.

For the evening: cleanse, exfoliate with Active Glycolic Serum that exfoliates dead skin, tightens the tissue, repairs sun damage, age spots, fine lines, wrinkles and absorbs oil, glycolic acclimates to your skin needs, then moisturize.

A little goes a long way to maintain a healthy appearance!

8. Does drinking a lot of water really and truly make a difference in the way our skin looks?

 Absolutely! If you want to maintain good skin or if you're trying to repair and correct... hydration is so essential to a healthy body. So, fill up and reap the rewards that water naturally provides - it flushes toxins, improves complexion, increases energy, relieves fatigue, boosts immunity, and it's free!

9. What is the number one mistake people make when it comes to skin?

Not properly cleansing your skin and going to bed with makeup on! ! !

10. How is your line different from the countless others out there? 

In many ways, we are different! Avery Graham's products were developed from making my custom mixtures for patients. I've been successfully serving my  patients' needs for 25 years by concocting my own clinical treatments, custom compounds, and layered formulations with pharmaceutical ingredients.
    I've taken what I've developed in my clinical practice and combined it with phyto nutrients, vitamins and minerals to create this luxurious skincare line without parabens and formaldahaydes. What you end up with is the perfect synergy of wellness, science and nature. As my mentor once said, "poison ivy is natural, but you wouldn't rub it all over yourself." It's important to remember that creating balance, as in life, is essential in skincare. And this is why I would say, "Come Discover The Avery Graham Difference!"

And this is like a milkshake for your skin, delicious and so nutritious :) VERY hydrating

How amazing is this interview? Doesn't it make you want to run to your bathroom and start taking care of your skin in a whole new way? I must admit Elizabeth I am guilty of #9. oops. I think I need to step it up and thanks to you and your fabulous products, I am inspired to do so! I cannot say enough about her line, another perk of blogging, getting to meet and discover all kinds of amazing new products. I think her line is destined to become a big deal and I am so impressed with her unwavering attention to developing the best products out there given her extensive background. Now the fun part, the giveaway. Feast your eyes on this..........

And inside......

And this massive collection also includes my three favorite products........

Isn't this incredible!! This is valued at over $1000.00!! Almost too pretty to unwrap but trust me you will want to unwrap it right away and begin to use this oh so luxurious products! One lucky winner is going to win all of these amazing products and I will announce a winner Tuesday morning. Here is how-

1. Visit Avery Graham, take a look around and come back here and tell us a product you would love to try.

2. Want a second chance? Then like Avery Graham on Facebook by clicking here and leave her a comment telling her something good and that you are from Ana laila.


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Easy peasy! I will announce one lucky winner on Tuesday morning. So, its time to visit Avery Graham! Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful weekend. Elizabeth cannot thank you enough not only for your super generous giveaway, this amazing wealth of knowledge you shared but for creating products that I truly love and will continue to enjoy and recommend. I am a definite fan! 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
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